Wed, 07 Mar 2012 14:12:36 +0000

I've drawn this chart dozens of times. I draw it every time I explain my thesis.

I first thought to make this chart because, in my other life, I write about hockey analytics. And charts make it look official — and intellectual. They articulate ideas.

My thesis project tries to help homeless people. And sometimes, it's hard to figure out how to talk about homeless people, because most people want to talk about the one or two homeless people they know — and the love/hate relationship they have with them. Which is fine. So the chart helps create a framework with which to have a conversation. It's good in that way, I guess.

But when I come home, the chart makes me not care anymore. Because, frankly, this chart is irrelevant to Kevin or Richie or Donovan, who are on the streets right now — and have been for years. Sometimes, charts forget about humans.